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Mt.Rinjani or Gunung Rinjani or whatever it's called

1. I went with 29 other people from my school. Included 3 adults. The rest of it are highschooler.
2. We took 4 days 3 nights to hike mt. Rinjani
3. urm we went to Lombok by a bus, and we took some chartered public transportation to get into Sembalun Lawang.
4. It costs apprxmtly Rp 1.600.000 == 135.207 USD (
5. You cannot take this lightly, since mt.Rinjani is urm well challenging I guess...

These tips might help :
The climb is not to be taken lightly. You need good hiking boots. Once you arrive at the crater rim it tends to get cold and windy, so you will also need warm clothes. 

A guide is essential as parts of the path are indistinct. Independent hiking is not recommended. 

Don't go there during the rainy season since paths will be slippery. Often it is not possible to climb during rainy season due to the hazard of falling rocks. 

It's better to bring your own sleeping bag but, if you don't have one, they can be hired.

Tents can be rented.


Well maybe it's been a while I guess. Last time I updated my blog was.. ermm when I'm still a highschooler I guess haha. So now I want to make some review about my journey to Lombok. Precisely to Mt.Rinjani.

Well I'm not gonna say a lot of thing, since I'm not good with grammar thingy, so since I dont want to make you guys pissed on me :) teehee, here's the amazing journey!

Well first of all how to get to Rinjani? It's easy! There are two starting points to climb Mt.Rinjani, they are : Senaru and Sembalun Lawang. Well for amateur it's advised to take Sembalun Lawang route since the trek is ramps(Dont know the right term to use ramps,gommen if I'm wrong) well at least Sembalun Lawang is not slippery unlike Senaru.

For my case, I took Sembalun Lawang, since it's my first time :) (Well first timer got a beginner's luck XD) Then we rested at the guest house(dont know whether it's a guest house or something like that. Eh suddenly I remember that I rested at pos TNGR, well sorry to lazy to delete the previous words haha. 

Then after rested for a night, we 

This one is taken by a friend of mine, Adrian. This is where the journey began :)

After a thousand steps and a thousand sweat we reached the first and 2nd checkpoint! Well I didnt have any photo of it, but maybe this one might be help :)

This is the 2nd checkpoint. Well kinda sad since I didnt took any photo of the first checkpoint.

Time sure flies when it comes to Rinjani XD It's already midnight time when we reached the 3rd checkpoint. We decided to camp at the 3rd checkpoint, well can't be helped, 2 of my team mates got an injury :(.

Second day, we decided to make it into Plawangan and gonna make it into the summit when the night came.

That was not easy, but I knew God helped us :") we reached Plawangan by our strength!!
graaah number 2!

Sembalun Plawangan!!
Kind of cool isnt it? teehee

whoaaa you can't sense it man!!! You have to try it! Then feel it... the most.... argh myabe the best ecstacy in this world is to be there!

Well then decided to camp at there. WOOHOOO we made some dinner and then went to sleep! But too bad, I only got 3 hours sleep :"< the colds really kills meh :"(

I woke up around 1 am... then........... long story tadaaa we made it into the summit! Well honestly I got a hypothermia... almost dead on there, but God still gave me a chance to live :")



urgh here some photos of me :") just a prove that I been there mayn!

that's me and my best friend :")

the coolest picture ever I guess :D
yes that ponytail!!! I mean... urm I introduce you to the ponytail girl! FARAH RIZKA RAHMATIA YEAAAH

from left to right = Me, Faqih Imtiyazi, and Farah Rizka Rahmatia
nyem and here is another one XD
the right one.equals("me") (if you know what I mean)

Well that's all! urgh we didnt make it into the lake cause we ran out of our logistic X( :"(

Well it's okay, cause I will go to Rinjani next term haha,wish me luck for the money (:O

If you have any question I'll be happy to help you guys XD, well maybe I'm not good with english, but still I'll try my best to help you guys with Rinjani thingy. I dont want to explain it on my post, gonna reduce the fun lor haha. 

See yaaa!

SISGAHANA 70! Persada Halimun :) Mt.Rinjani 30 July - 10 August 2012

Some reference you might want to see about Rinjani! :)

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